Submission Made Simple - Your Assistance


Contacting You: GG's Social Media

In case you received a message claiming to be on behalf of GG:

Our Instagram account is "GGreenGGaminGG".

Our Reddit account is "GGreenGGaminGG".

Our Twitter account is "GGreenGGaminGG".

Please Contact Us if an account other than that listed is claiming to be from us.


Contacting Us: Popular platforms to share via:

Across All Platforms: YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, One DriveStreamable, Twitter, ZippyShare
Xbox: (recommended),,
PS4: YouTube, Twitter.


Find and share the channel link on Youtube:

1. From the YouTube homepage click on My Channel on the left side.
2. Copy your channel link from your web browser's address bar.

1. Tap your account icon.
2. Go to My Channel.
3. At the top right of your channel page, tap the Menu button.
4. Tap Share and then Copy Link.


Finding and sharing your video link on Youtube:

1. Click on the video you would like to submit.
2. Underneath the video player, click on Share
3. Copy the Youtube link before pasting it into the Submission Form.

1. Open your video that you would like to submit.
2. Underneath the video player, click Share
3. Click Copy Link before pasting it into the Submission Form.

Submit an Xbox clip you have recorded:

1. Go to (recommended), or
2. Enter your Gamertag.
3. Find the clip you're looking to submit.
4. Copy the link of your clip and paste it into the Submission Form.


Saving and submitting a PS4 clip you have recorded:

Simply click here for your guide from PS4.


Submit a clip from Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive:

Share the file in order for GG to view it.

1. Upload your clip to the site you decide to use.
2. Get a Shared Link to your clip.
3. Paste your Shared Link into the Submission Form.


Improve your potential to be featured on GG:

  • Send clips without adding your own transformations, i.e. music, sound/visual effects. Just the clip as is in the game.
  • Submit only your own clips. Do not send clips that are not yours as this can cause a copyright claim/strike.
  • Keep the clip after submission, Do not delete it. The time it takes until your clip is reviewed can vary.
  • Keep your clip short. Long clips including unnecessary material are less likely to be accepted.
  • Make sure you fill each Submission field correctly. Double check your video link is valid.
  • Ensure you set your video as either Public or Unlisted when you upload it to YouTube.
  • Do not submit a specific clip multiple times. This will not increase its chance.


Guidance From The Sites Themselves:

Creating Shared Links on Dropbox.
Creating Shared Links on Google Drive.
Creating Shared Links on OneDrive.


Invalid video URL:

1. Make sure you only provide a single link within the video field.
2. Do not include anything other than your link inside the video link field.
3. Open the link included in your submission to ensure it works.